Phones with Replicant.

What is Replicant? It's a 100% free as in freedom Android based operating system for cell phones. Here, you can purchase a number of devices running Replicant 4.2, and Replicant merchandise! Proceeds go to Replicant.

Why should I use Replicant?

Here's why you should use Replicant.

And why you should buy a phone with Replicant pre-installed.


Replicant has an active forums and a large community surrounding it. It is a big, bolstering project.

Hardware Support

One of our main goals is getting Replicant to run on all hardware. Currently we have Galaxy phones.

Freedom is Good

Replicant devices run an OS that respects your freedom, while also being convenient to use.

Some of the latest phones support Replicant.

These include a lot of the Samsung Galaxy lineup, and even a tablet!